Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative or Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative Emergency Art Residency Program is an emergency art residency program attempting to match artists affected by the Kahramanmaraş earthquake with “Art Residency Programs” (KSP) in Turkey and in the World.


Hayatevi-Artbuddy initiative works in a very simple way — it accelerates the acquaintance of artists and art residency programs and helps them come together! Art residency programs normally select their artists through open calls or invitations. The functioning and completion of this process can sometimes spread to months.

  • Artists fill out a Google Form[1] and declare they want to be included in a potential art residency program. This declaration is accepted as an application:
  • Art Residency Programs declare in writing to the initiative that they want to be a part of the Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative.
  • Hayatevi-Artbuddy initiative shares the statements/applications of artists with art residency programs.

From the moment that artists and art residency programs decide to match -in other words, decide to be Artbuddies- their relationship follows as in any formal relationship between an artist and an art residency program, through formal contract conditions of the related art residency program.


Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative itself is not an art residency program! It was established immediately after the earthquake as a voluntary initiative, being aware of its capacity and limitations, to facilitate the matching of art residency programs with artists. It does not take part in the administrative and financial relationship between artists and art residency programs. The initiative does not guarantee a match between artists and art residency programs, but strives for it. It does not reveal the credentials of the artists unless the match is realized.


 The artist and the art residency program, which have decided to match and walk together through the Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative, are named separately as Hayatevi-Artbuddy and jointly Hayatevi-Artbuddies. An artist becomes the buddy or companion of an art residency program and vice versa. Artbuddies, in a way, agree to walk together and support each other in the difficult process following the earthquake.


1. Hayatevi Potential Guest or Artist:

Artists (regardless of their nationalities and fields of art) living in any of the eleven provinces[2] of the earthquake zone, making their productions in one of these provinces during the last two years[3] and requesting to be matched with an art residency program in Turkey or abroad:

  • Are welcome to simply fill out[4] a Google form.Click for the link “Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative Emergency Art Residency Program – Artist Application Form”[5]
  • The artists who fill out the form are automatically recorded in the “Hayatevi-Artbuddy initiative Emergency Art Residency Program – Artist List” and are lined up to be matched with a suitable art residency program named “Hayatevi KSP”.
  • As soon as they complete the Google Form, they are named as “Hayatevi Potential Guest” or “Artist” and the information they share is considered as their application.
  • The artists who enter their information on this list, agree in principle that their applications are to be shared by the Hayatevi-Artbuddy initiative with a “Hayatevi KSP” and matched with these institutions.

2. Hayatevi Art Residency Program Supporter or Hayatevi KSP:

  • Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative reaches urgently those national and international art residency programs which are likely to open their doors to the earthquake-affected artists and invites these institutions to add themselves to “Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative Emergency Art Residency Program List”.
  • The Art Residency Programs, which agrees to support artists affected by the earthquake through the Hayatevi-Artbuddy initiative, accepts to be named as “Hayatevi Art Residency Program Supporter” or “Hayatevi KSP” and they consent Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative to share their corporate name, website, and logo on

3. Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative connects artists and Hayatevi KSPs to the extent of its capacity[6].

4. Hayatevi KSPs decide which artists to host, when, and for how long, and they communicate directly with the artists.

5. Artists and art residency programs that decide to match and sign a contract are called Hayathevi-Artbuddies. They notify the Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative after signing a contract and are announced as Hayathevi-Artbuddy in the list to be published at

6. Artists and art residency programs that voluntarily add their names to the “Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative Emergency Art Residency Program – Artist List” and/or “Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative Emergency Art Residency Program List automatically accept that they will be announced as Hayatevi-ArtBuddy at, upon signing a contract.


Hayatevi is a social initiative that aims to map art residency programs in Turkey, make these programs visible and support their dissemination. While proceeding to establish exemplary (prototype) art residency programs in several provinces of Turkey, it has updated its priorities after the Kahramanmaraş earthquake:

  • Primarily, implementing the “Hayatevi-Artbuddy” initiative.
  • Mapping art residency programs in Turkey.
  • Establishing the initial well-structured examples (prototypes) of art residency programs in the relevant provinces of Turkey.
  • Collaborating, developing partnerships, creating networks, and engaging in related networks, and advocating residency programs.
  • To create a link between the art residency programs in Turkey and their counterparts in the world.
  • Including artists from provinces affected by the earthquake, bringing together artists living and producing in Turkey and other countries with different groups such as other artists, scientists, academics, journalists, and NGOs within the framework of creative industries.
  • When the healing process of the earthquake’s wounds reaches a certain stage, ensuring that the works related to art residency programs are expanded to entire Turkey, including the earthquake regions.


An art residency program is a structured program that provides artists with a designated period of time to live and work in a particular place, typically away from their usual environment. The goal of an art residency program is to provide artists with the time, space, and resources to focus solely on their creative work, free from the distractions and interruptions of everyday life.

Art residency programs can take many different forms and may be located in a variety of settings, including urban centers, rural areas, studios, museums, universities, and other locations. Residencies can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months and may be self-directed or structured with specific goals, activities, and outcomes.

During an art residency program, artists typically have access to studio or workspace, housing, and materials, tools, and equipment that they need to produce their artwork. They may also have the opportunity to interact with other artists, participate in workshops, give public presentations, and engage with the local community.

The purpose of an art residency program is to provide artists with a supportive and inspiring environment that fosters creativity, experimentation, and professional growth. Residencies can also be a valuable opportunity for artists to expand their networks, gain new perspectives, and build relationships with other artists, curators, and cultural organizations.


An emergency art residency program is a type of residency program that provides artists with immediate support and resources in response to a crisis or emergency situation. This can include financial support, housing, studio space, and other resources to help artists recover and continue their work. The purpose of an emergency residency program is to provide artists with the support they need to overcome unexpected challenges, such as natural disasters, health emergencies, or other unforeseen events that disrupt their ability to work and support themselves. These programs often aim to provide artists with a safe and supportive environment where they can focus on their creative work, connect with other artists, and receive guidance and support from professional organizations and community members.


 For questions and communication:


[1] Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative Emergency Art Residency Program – Artist Application Form:

[2] Adana, Adıyaman, Diyarbakır, Elazığ, Gaziantep, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, Kilis, Malatya, Osmaniye ve Şanlıurfa

[3] As of or before February 6th, 2021.

[4] Applications containing contact information, motivation and reference letters, and artist portfolios will be evaluated by considering the earthquake conditions.

[5] All kinds of information shared by artists are shared by Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative only with art residency programs with matching potential, not shared with any other institution, and this information is protected/processed by the relevant art residency program and within the framework of the “Personal Data Protection Law” of the country where this institution is located. Hayatevi-Artbuddy Initiative is not responsible for the processing and protection of this data.

[6] Hayatevi-Artbuddy initiative is a new initiative established for an emergency situation, can only respond to the needs of artists to the extent of its modest capacity, and it aims at responding to more needs as it improves its capacity.

[7] Hayatevi means “House of Life” in Turkish.